it’s the frying pan

my mother used

to crown my father’s head,

And many a night she almost beat

The drunken bastard dead.

But how we’d laugh to watch him try

And climb up back again,

It’s the frying pan my mother brought From over in Ireland.


She would fry us up a supper,

She would fry us up a treat.

The savory scent of mutton

Over a fire made of peat.

It served her in the kitchen

But its job was not complete,

‘Til she used it on my father’s egg

To get him off the street!



It was given to my mother

On the day that she was wed,

By my grandmother on my father’s side

And this is what she said:

“If he’s anything like his father,

Then his skull is made of lead.

So don't be afraid to use it on 

His stubborn Irish head!”


My father caught the fever

And was gone within a week.
Laid out in his coffin

He was really quite unique.

It may have happened sudden

As the fever reached its’ peak,

But there was the name of a 

Dublin foundry

Planted firmly on his cheek!


My mother died and left

The iron skillet to my wife.

I’ve kissed it now a couple times

And almost lost my life.

But tradition is a lovely thing

It helps you deal with strife,

She’s got my mother’s frying pan

I’ve got my father’s knife!


It’s the frying pan my mother used

To crown my father’s head,

And many a night she almost beat

The drunken bastard dead,

But how we’d laugh to watch him try

And climb back up again!

It’s the frying pan my mother brought

From over in Ireland!


The frying pan my mother brought,

The one the Dublin foundry wrought.

The frying pan my mother brought

From over in Ireland!


Michael Ogborn was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, and currently makes his home in New York City. A graduate of DeSales University, he made his Off-Broadway debut in 1993 with the critically acclaimed musical revue Box Office of the Damned, featuring then “new-comer” Kristin Chenoweth.


He has worked steadily in the professional theater for the past twenty five years creating original musicals, cabaret revues, song cycles and special material. His work has been produced at the Arden Theatre Company, People’s Light & Theater Company, The Wilma Theater, in Philadelphia, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC; City Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA; Horizon Theater, Atlanta, GA; Diversionary Theater in San Diego, CA; Theater LaB, Houston, TX and Radio City Music Hall and the Signature Theatre in New York City. Together his productions have received over 40 Barrymore Awards nominations and have received 10 awards.


Some career highlights and awards include the World Premier productions of Baby Case, Café Puttanesca (featuring Megan Hilty) and Tulipomania at the Arden Theatre Company under the direction of Terry Nolen, and creating special material for the legendary Radio City Rockettes. As a “Piano Man”, he received Philadelphia Magazine's 1992 "Best of Philly" Award for Cabaret Performer, a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award in 1993 for the PBS music video "Soldiers in the Sky" and in 2003, the “Harrington Award” for outstanding creative achievement given by BMI Musical Theater Workshop.


In 2002, his musical fantasia Baby Case, received eleven Barrymore nominations and four Barrymore Awards including Outstanding Music and Best Musical of the Year. In 2012 Baby Case was produced at the NYMF and received four festival awards including Best Music & Lyrics and “Best of the Festival”.


Mr Ogborn is a proud member of Pi Kappa Phi, the Dramatists Guild Inc., The BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, and the owner of Leydensdong Music Co.


Learn more at: http://michaelogborn.com

Words and Music by Michael Ogborn ©January 10, 2002

Running Time: 2:59


Recorded at Cambridge Sound Studios, Newtown PA. 2009; Mixed and Mastered February 2012; Recorded by: Todd Mecaughey; Engineered by: Jim Salamone


Michael Ogborn: Piano, Keboard, and Vocals; Todd Mecaughey: Percussion; Ryan Fogelsong: Percussion; Additional Vocals: Tracie Higgins; Chuck Sweeney.Very Special Thanks to Burning Bridget Cleary for the String Arrangements.


Graphic Design and Art Direction: Jason Fortuna/Fourtunas Designs

©2012 Leydensong Music Publishing Company


"My Mother's Frying Pan" ©2003

Leydensong Music Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved. Registered BMI. Printed in U.S.A. Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by Federal Law and subject to criminal prosecution.



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